Why yes, I am an icon whore (ohmypotter) wrote in wizardswheezes,
Why yes, I am an icon whore

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*wave wave* I'm new. but no worries. I don't bite... hard.

Blast you and your infernal awayness
Can't you see my head is a mess
I need you here to talk and chat
To your away message I take this bat

Please come back to the computer
You're never gonna talk to anything cuter
Okay I lied, I'm not that great
Don't agree with me, well its too late

Nothing you say will change my mind
I'm seeking for something I may never find
Tired, but awake I sit here and stare
Sometimes I wonder whats up with the air

If you think this poem doesn't make any sense
If you think I'm strange or maybe too tense
Well, I guess your right but I don't really know
Guess its time for me to go
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